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No offer to buy, no advisory

The information on our websites is provided for marketing purposes only. It is intended as source of additional information for our investors and is based on the knowledge of the persons involved in its preparation at the time of going to press. The information shall not be construed as investment advice or investment recommendation, nor shall it be construed as offer or recommendation or solicitation to make an offer for the purchase or sale of any of the financial products referred to, nor as offer or recommendation or solicitation to include it in a trading strategy. The provision of this information does not establish any form of information-based or advisory relationship. Our illustrations, analyses, and conclusions are of a general nature and do not take into account the requirements of our investors with regard to return, tax situation, risk profile, or suitability of the financial products. They are no substitute for sound investment advice nor for extensive risk advice by your bank, tax, or financial advisor.

No investment research

The information provided on our websites does not represent any form of investment research according to the Securities Trading Act. It does not comply with the statutory requirements of ensuring the impartiality of investment research, and is not subject to any trading restrictions prior to the publication of said research. That said, the research on our websites is produced to the best of the analysts’ knowledge.

Price information

While the price information on our websites tends to be sourced from various other providers (e.g. Reuters), we may occasionally be the original source. There may sometimes be a time lag between real-time prices and the quotations on our websites for securities or underlying instruments due to the regulations of the respective stock exchanges or the respective providers of financial information. For further price information, especially historical prices of the underlying instruments, please refer to the source indicated in the prospectus of the respective security (please see “security prospectus” underneath). However, Erste Group Bank AG cannot be held liable for their accuracy. The performance and exemplary calculations as illustrated are not indicative of future development. Reference to past performance does not guarantee positive future development.

Risk information

Erste Group Bank AG wishes to point out that substantial risks are associated with the financial products presented on the website. Said risks may result in the total loss of the capital invested. Therefore not all users are equally suited for these products. Prior to the order, investors should consult their own advisors (especially legal and tax) to make sure that – regardless of the information provided – the planned investment fits their needs and preferences and that the involved risks are fully understood.

Security prospectus

The complete information (base prospectus, final terms, any amendments, key information document (“KID”) on the products of Erste Group Bank AG is available for inspection at the registered office of the issuer at Am Belvedere 1, 1100 Vienna, during regular business hours. An electronic version of the documents is further available on the website of Erste Group Bank AG www.erstegroup.com/emissionen.

In the sale of the issue, which is subject to the obligatory publication of a prospectus according to 2010/73/EG, we refer to the issuer’s written consent to our using of the prospectus.


The information herein (including prices) has been obtained from sources believed reliable and is based on thorough research to the best of our knowledge. However, we do not represent that it is accurate or complete, especially where data and information was sourced from other providers. By providing you with this information on our website we therefore do not assume any form of liability with regard to the correctness, completeness, timeliness, accuracy, and availability of the information.

Therefore we and our affiliated companies, employees, board members and other agents cannot be held liable, either explicitly or by implication, for the timeliness, completeness, or accuracy of the information provided, nor for any losses or damages (including consequential or indirect damages or lost profit) resulting from the use of the information provided on our websites.

Conflict of interest

We wish to point out that Erste Group Bank AG from time to time buys or sells securities, commodities, forward contracts, or options, or takes long or short positions in assets that are identical or connected to said securities for hedging or other purposes. This may affect the value of the securities in question. Erste Group Bank AG may also be calculation agent or sponsor of underlying securities and may as such take decisions that affect their value.

Liability for external links

Our websites may contain hyperlinks to external websites of third parties and thus enable you to access said internet pages, whose content has been generated or made available by independent providers. We cannot influence these websites and only provide you with the respective links to help you find other websites. Inclusion of a link does not imply that we recommend or approve any material on the linked page or accessible from it. The content of the linked pages is the respective provider’s exclusive responsibility. If you come across any violation of rights on the linked websites, please inform us. If the linked websites contain illegal content, we will remove the links immediately from our own website.

Intellectual property

All content of this website, especially data, designs, charts, photos, and audio files, may be subject to property rights pursuant to copyright law, trademark law, and competition law. Please bear in mind that the duplication and provision of the content of our websites may constitute an infringement, which may result in damage claims and injunctive relief vis-à-vis you. Only the non-commercial, private use is permissible within the limits of copyright law. The brands and logos of our websites are registered trademarks. Any commercial use of said brands and logos without the prior consent from Erste Group Bank AG is prohibited.


If you are a business owner, the exclusive court of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from and in connection with the use of our websites is Vienna.

This information is subject to changes without notice.

Information last amended: July 2019

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